Title: Fifty Years below Zero, Author: Charles Brower
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Title: Elephant Bill, Author: J. H. Williams
Title: Hidalgo and Other Stories, Author: Frank T Hopkins
Title: Round and about Spain: The Twentieth Century's Most Famous Long Rider Travels Through 1950s Spain on a Motorcycle, Author: Aime Tschiffely
Title: Mounted Archery in the Americas, Author: David Gray
Title: History of Breifne O'Reilly, Author: J J O'Reilly
Title: Tschiffely's Ride: Southern Cross to Pole Star, Author: Aime Tschiffely
Title: Whisper on the Wind: The Story of Tom Bass - Celebrated Black Horseman, Author: Bill Downey
Title: Whisper On The Wind, Author: Bill Downey
Title: Travels with Fortune - an African Adventure, Author: Christina Dodwell
Title: Aurora Australis, Author: Ernest Shackleton
Title: Ride the Wind: The Amazing True Story of the Abernathy Boys (Equestrian Travel Classics Series), Author: Miles Abernathy
Title: Khyber Knights, Author: Cuchullaine O'Reilly
Title: Flying Carpet, Author: Richard Halliburton
Title: Bandits and Bureaucrats, Author: Basha O'Reilly
Title: Bridle Paths: Europe's Most Famous Equestrian Explorer Rides Through England, Author: Aime Tschiffely
Title: California Coast Trails: A Horseback Ride from Mexico to Oregon, Author: J. Smeaton Chase
Title: The Tale of Two Horses: A 10,000 Mile Journey as Told by the Horses, Author: Aime Tschiffely
Title: Gaucho Laird - The Life of R. B.
Title: The Colour of Courage, Author: Sharon Muir Watson

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