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Title: The Dawning of the Day, Author: Liam Nevin
Title: Drowned-Out Voices, Author: Anthony Kerrigan
Title: Operation: Save Santa, Author: D.T. Ihaza
Title: Greetings from Guilka, Ballymoe: Poems from the Head and the Heart, Author: William Tiernan
Title: Is It Me? The Joseph Heffernan Story, Author: Jack Kiernan
Title: Neon Hearts and the Angry Mob, Author: Wayne Power
Title: Diary of a Cornish Fisherman: Newquay, 1962-1967, Author: Trevor Simpson
Title: The Stolen Years, Author: Debbie Paget
Title: Charles, the Maiden and the Ogre, Author: Sorcha Duggan
Title: Brightening Over Dillon's, Author: Liam Nevin
Title: The Compendium: A Selection of Poetry, Short Stories, Plays and an Essay, Author: Brian Corvin
Title: Why Did They Lie? The Irish Civil War, the Truth, Where and When It Began, Author: Jack Kiernan
Title: Roscommon in Reflection: SiarScéal Anthology 2012, Author: SiarScéal
Title: How to Manage Troublesome Thoughts and Feelings: Name It, Share It, Replace It, Author: Mattie Slattery
Title: How to Kill Your Enemies!, Author: Euan Eoghan
Title: Charting Your Life's Roadmap in an Uncertain World: Choose Happiness Daily, Author: Nuala Duignan
Title: A Cornish Fisherman's Irish Diary, Author: Trevor Simpson
Title: Between the Moon and the Fire: Life in Surfing Moments, Author: Sebastian Kevany
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Title: A Woeful Tale, Author: Derrick Cranpole
Title: Peripheral, Author: Faye Boland

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