Title: Dangers of Control - Resistance : Bad Boy Billionaire BDSM Romance (Series Book One), Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: Office Toy - Ownership: First Time Gay BDSM Power Play (Series Book One), Author: S M Partlowe
Title: Blind in the Mansion Book One: A Series of Misdeeds, Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: Learning to Surrender Book One: Accidental Secrets (Discipline, Submission, Exhibition, and Humiliation), Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: The Caspari Encounters Book One: Exposed, Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: No Match for the Businesswoman (Femdom, BDSM, Domination, Manipulation), Author: Nina Nauheim
Title: Gay for Both Doctors (First Time Gay Medical Dominance MMM Menage Erotica), Author: S M Partlowe
Title: Hers To Punish When She Wants (Femdom, BDSM, Degradation, Cruel), Author: Nina Nauheim
Title: Educating the Straight Professor (Gay Student Teacher Seduction and Dominance), Author: S M Partlowe
Title: Her Terms For Taking Me Back (Femdom, BDSM, Spanking), Author: Nina Nauheim
Title: Begging to Be His Slave: Domination and Discipline, Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: Rich Man's Toy: Discipline, Curvy Exhibition, Humiliation, and MFM Menage, Author: Miranda Cruz
Title: The Bimbo Pill and the Board Meeting (BBW Bimbo Menage MMF and Office Exhibition Erotica), Author: Miranda Cruz
Title: Curvy Cop for the Inmates (BBW Bimbo Menage MFM Erotica), Author: Miranda Cruz
Title: Choosing the Secretary's Punishment (Curvy and Inexperienced Office Discipline), Author: Miranda Cruz
Title: Transforming the Intern (Bimbo Aphrodisiac Menage and Medical Exam Erotica), Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: The Doctor's Fertility Assessment (Curvy and Fertile Medical Exam Menage), Author: Miranda Cruz
Title: Learning to Surrender - The Edge : Discipline, Submission, Exhibition, and Humiliation (Series Book 4), Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: Bimbo Lawyer for the Biker Gang (Bimbo MC Menage MMF Power Play Erotica), Author: Jessica Whitethread
Title: Older Man's Games: MMM College Discipline and Dominated First Time Gay, Author: S M Partlowe

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