Title: Lifeboat No. 8: An Untold Tale of Love, Loss, and Surviving the Titanic, Author: Elizabeth Kaye
Title: The Living and the Dead: War, Friendship and the Battles That Never End, Author: Brian Mockenhaupt
Title: The Dreyfus Collection, a Novel: The Race to Find Priceless Art Stolen by the Nazis, Author: Estelle Rubin Brager
Title: The Devil Took Her: Tales of Horror, Author: Michael Botur
Title: Holes in the Soles of his Gucci Loafers, Author: Bill Walk
Title: Lavender in Your Lemonade: A Funny and Touching COVID Diary, Author: Chris Erskine
Title: The Dreamer Deceiver: A True Story about the Trial of Judas Priest for Deadly Subliminal Messaging (The Stacks Reader Series), Author: Ivan Solotaroff
Title: The Stories We Tell: Classic True Tales by America's Greatest Women Journalists, Author: Patsy Sims
Title: Going Home to Die No More: A True Kentucky Story about a Train Robbery and a Hanging after the Civil War, Author: Russ Witcher
Title: Running With Ghosts: A Memoir of Surviving Childhood Cancer, Author: Matt Tullis
Title: Jack Moves: A Memoir of the Weed Trade and Dangerous Living, Author: Jeremy Norrie
Title: Death of a Playmate: A True Story of a Playboy Centerfold Killed by her Jealous Husband (The Stacks Reader Series), Author: Teresa Carpenter
Title: The Orphan's Daughter: A Novel, Author: Jan Cherubin
Title: The Someone You're Not: True Stories of Sports, Celebrity, Politics & Pornography, Author: Mike Sager
Title: Living Beyond Normal: An Autistic Autobiography, Author: Adam A. F. Sherman
Title: The Deadliest Man Alive: Count Dante, the Mob, and the War for American Martial Arts, Author: Benji Feldheim
Title: Hunting Marlon Brando: A True Story, Author: Mike Sager
Title: Shaman: The Mysterious Life and Impeccable Death of Carlos Castaneda, Author: Mike Sager
Title: My Father's Con: A Memoir, Author: Pat Jordan
Title: Newswomen: Twenty-Five Years of Front-Page Journalism, Author: Joyce Hoffmann

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