Title: Undercover in Venice Beach, Author: Melody Deblois
Title: Blood on the Chesapeake, Author: Randy Overbeck
Title: Nobody's Lady, Author: Annabelle Anders
Title: Enigma Variations, Author: Bradley W. Wright
Title: Lady Saves the Duke, Author: Annabelle Anders
Title: The Exit Strategy, Author: Lainey Cameron
Title: Bloodborn, Author: Sydney Winward
Title: A Lady's Prerogative, Author: Annabelle Anders
Title: Christmas Deadline, Author: Pam Binder
Title: The Letter, Author: Sandra Owens
Title: Shadowcat Nation, Author: Abigail Owen
Title: Highlander's Challenge, Author: Jo Barrett
Title: Dragons Walk Among Us, Author: Dan Rice
Title: Rorik, Author: Mary Morgan
Title: Falling for You: Contemporary Romance Sampler, Author: Kay Harris Theresa Stillwagon
Title: Magnar, Author: Mary Morgan
Title: The Training of a Marquess, Author: Sandra Owens
Title: The Fog Ladies: Family Matters, Author: Susan McCormick
Title: Riding Blind, Author: J.L. Sheppard
Title: Dragon Knight's Ring, Author: Mary Morgan

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