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Title: After Life, Author: Daniel Kelley
Title: Passenger, Author: Mike Feria
Title: Spade, Author: S.L. Byrum
Title: Road to Jericho, Author: Mark Reefe
Title: Ghosts, Author: L. Bachman
Title: Tattoos, Author: Stacy Overby
Title: Harvest, Author: L. Bachman
Title: Shadows and Refuge, Author: Rebekah Jonesy
Title: Scars, Author: Stacy Overby
Title: Maxwell Demon, Author: L. Bachman
Title: Say Yes Sir, Author: Freesia Woodley
Title: Love In Bloom, Author: Freesia Woodley
Title: Pathosis, Author: Jason LaVelle
Title: Moss and Clay, Author: Rebekah Jonesy
Title: Timeless Desires, Author: Barbara Tyree
Title: Out of the London Mist, Author: Lyssa Medana
Title: Plank Children, Author: Michael Schutz
Title: Inviting the Moon to Supper, Author: Cj Clark
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Title: Refuge and Wrath, Author: Rebekah Jonesy
Title: A Flutter of Darkness: 15 Dark Tales, Author: Jason LaVelle

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