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Title: The Birds That Never Flew, Author: Margot McCuaig
Title: The Bogeyman Chronicles, Author: Craig Watson
Title: The False Men, Author: Mhairead MacLeod
Title: Desperate Times, Author: Ethyl Smith
Title: The New Frontier: Making a difference in later life, Author: Robin Lloyd-Jones
Title: Queerbashing, Author: Tim Morrison
June 16th
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Title: Dead Cat Bounce, Author: Kevin Scott
Title: The Last Wolf, Author: David Shaw Mackenzie
Title: The Peat Dead, Author: Allan Martin
Title: A Good Death, Author: Helen Davis
Title: The Bonnie Road, Author: Suzanne d'Corsey
Title: In the Shadow of the Hill, Author: Helen Forbes
Title: Talk of the Toun, Author: Helen MacKinven
Title: The Wrong Box, Author: Andrew C Ferguson
Title: The Oystercatcher Girl, Author: Gabrielle Barnby
Title: Changed Times, Author: Ethyl Smith
Title: Gemmano, Author: David Will
Title: Dark Times, Author: Ethyl Smith
Title: Mule Train, Author: Huw Francis
Title: The Deaths on Black Rock, Author: BRM Stewart

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