Title: The World Atlas of Beer, Revised & Expanded: The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World, Author: Tim Webb
Title: World Atlas of Beer: THE ESSENTIAL NEW GUIDE TO THE BEERS OF THE WORLD, Author: Tim Webb
Title: Pocket Beer 3rd edition: The indispensable guide to the world's beers, Author: Tim Webb
Title: Pocket Beer Book 2014, Author: Stephen Beaumont
Title: World Atlas of Beer, Author: Tim Webb
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Title: Pocket Beer Guide 2015: The World's Best Craft and Traditional Beers -- Covers 3,500 Beers, Author: Stephen Beaumont
Title: The Defender's Dilemma: Charting a Course Toward Cybersecurity, Author: Martin C. Libicki
Title: Venture Capital and Strategic Investment for Developing Government Mission Capabilities, Author: Tim Webb