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Title: First Do No Harm: Law, Ethics and Healthcare, Author: Sheila A M McLean
Title: Bioproperty, Biomedicine and Deliberative Governance: Patents as Discourse on Life, Author: Katerina Sideri
Title: Justice, Author: Tom D. Campbell
Title: The Legal Theory of Ethical Positivism / Edition 1, Author: Tom D. Campbell
Title: The Constitutional Corporation: Rethinking Corporate Governance, Author: Stephen Bottomley
Title: Principled Engagement: Negotiating Human Rights in Repressive States, Author: Morten B Pedersen
Title: Protecting Rights Without a Bill of Rights: Institutional Performance and Reform in Australia, Author: Adrienne Stone
Title: The Library of Essays on Emergency Ethics, Law and Policy: 4-Volume Set, Author: Tom D. Campbell
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Title: The Vantage of Law: Its Role in Thinking about Law, Judging and Bills of Rights, Author: James Allan
Title: The Right Not to be Criminalized: Demarcating Criminal Law's Authority, Author: Dennis J Baker
Title: Constitutional Life and Europe's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Author: Alun Howard Gibbs
Title: Basic Equality and Discrimination: Reconciling Theory and Law, Author: Nicholas Mark Smith
Title: The Library of Essays on Justice: 6 Volume Set, Author: Tom D. Campbell
Title: The Library of Corporate Responsibilities: 5 Volume Set, Author: Tom D. Campbell
Title: Legisprudence: Practical Reason in Legislation, Author: Luc J Wintgens
Title: Human Rights in Philosophy and Practice, Author: Burton M. Leiser
Title: Law's Task: The Tragic Circle of Law, Justice and Human Suffering, Author: Louis E Wolcher
Title: Contested Words: Legal Restrictions on Freedom of Speech in Liberal Democracies, Author: Ian Cram
Title: Law at the Vanishing Point: A Philosophical Analysis of International Law, Author: Aaron Fichtelberg
Title: Global Business, Local Law: The Indian Legal System as a Communal Resource in Foreign Investment Relations, Author: Amanda Perry-Kessaris

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