Title: Mistress of Blades, Author: Britt Cooper
Title: Tales from The Edge: Volume Four, Author: L.M. Somerton
Title: The Tutor, Author: K.D. Grace
Title: Mastered: With This Collar, Author: Sierra Cartwright
Title: Blood Promotion, Author: MJ Klipfel
Title: Love Burns, Author: Adrian J. Smith
Title: Let Me Go, Author: Aliyah Burke
Title: Rodeo Heat, Author: Desiree Holt
Title: Ryld's Shadows, Author: Angel Martinez
Title: AURA: Flax's Pursuit, Author: Angel Martinez
Title: Bound by Fear, Author: Jayce Carter
Title: Now and Always, Author: C.J. Burright
Title: Trapped by Doubt, Author: Jayce Carter
Title: From Bad to Worse, Author: Gin Vane
Title: Tales from the Edge Volume Two, Author: L. M. Somerton
Title: Tales from The Edge: Vol 3, Author: L.M. Somerton
Title: Alien Indiscretions, Author: Tracy St. John
Title: Cattle Valley: Vol 11, Author: Carol Lynne
Title: Cattle Valley: Vol 13, Author: Carol Lynne
Title: Cattle Valley: Vol 3, Author: Carol Lynne

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