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Title: Reese Sanders, Author: Amanda Umfress
Title: Porch Music, Author: Kathy Maresca
Title: A Mixed Bag of God's Grace, Author: Sharon Rene
Title: 14 Days in February, Author: Nathan D. Pietsch
Title: A Life for Barabbas, Author: Stan Escott
Title: 20 Days in April: A Holiday Devotional Activation Book for the Entire Family, Author: Nathan D. Pietsch
Title: 31 Days in October, Author: Nathan D. Pietsch
Title: On Mystic Mountain, Author: Tabatha Waybright
Title: Overcome: A story of intervention, rescue, and redemption; Our Cancer Survivorship Journey, Author: Debbie K Kirkpatrick
Title: 25 Days in December, Author: Nathan D. Pietsch
Title: Combat!: Lessons on Spiritual Warfare from Military History, Author: Dennis L. Peterson
Title: Clunk on the Head: How the Holy Spirit Got Our Attention, Author: Gina Napoli
Title: Weak and Wounded, Sick and Sore: Stories of Pity, Love, and Power, Author: Margo Martin Rhodes
Title: Redemption Through Forgiveness: How God Used My Mental Illness to Save Me, Author: Lisa Slaton
Title: Hope for the Broken: Using Writing to Find God's Grace, Author: Rebecca L. Holland
Title: Second Chance: A Kidney Between Us, Author: Tina Shyver-Plank
Title: Redemption: Little One's Story, Author: Lisa Slaton
Title: Dani's Inferno, Author: Scott M. Rutherford
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Title: Katie's Conundrum, Author: Alice Eby Hall
Title: Celebrate His Coming: An Advent Devotional, Author: Jaye Brown