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Title: Quilt City Murders, Author: Bruce Leonard
#1 in Series
Title: All the Girls in Town, Author: Staci Greason
Title: The Earth Remains, Author: Shelley Burchfield
Title: Madd Inlet, Author: Tim Swink
Title: Bycatch: a novel, Author: Alexander Blevens
Title: Second Son: A Novel of the Deep South, Author: Herman Willis Logan
Title: The Green Triangle, Author: Rachel Homard
Title: The Double Exposure Murder, Author: Jeanne Quigley
Title: Visible Signs, Author: Grace Marcus
Title: The Roads of War, Author: John Cameron
Title: Death on the Set, Author: Rose Kerr
#1 in Series
Title: White River Red: A Novel, Author: Becky Marietta
Title: The Laguna Shores Research Club, Author: Laura Kelly Robb
Title: The Grunts of Wrath: A Memoir Examining Modern War and Mental Health, Author: Ronny Bruce Pre-Order Now
Title: Lakewood, Author: William Walsh
Title: Blood Brother: A Memoir, Author: Susan Keller
Title: Warm and Dead, Author: Mike Krentz
Title: The Miner's Canary: a novel, Author: Barbara Pronin Pre-Order Now
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Title: Once in a Lifetime, Author: Suzanne Mattaboni
Title: Always Play the Dark Horse, Author: Sharon Healy Yang

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