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Title: Mistrust: Ethnographic Approximations, Author: Florian Mühlfried
Title: Target Markets: International Terrorism Meets Global Capitalism in the Mall, Author: Suzi Mirgani
Title: We Travel the Space Ways: Black Imagination, Fragments, and Diffractions, Author: Henriette Gunkel Pre-Order Now
Title: Queer Art: A Freak Theory, Author: Renate Lorenz
Title: Das konvivialistische Manifest: Für eine neue Kunst des Zusammenlebens (herausgegeben von Frank Adloff und Claus Leggewie in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research Duisburg, übersetzt aus dem Französischen vo, Author: Les Convivialistes
Title: Games - Game Design - Game Studies: An Introduction, Author: Gundolf S Freyermuth
Title: Photographs of Environmental Phenomena: Scientific Images in the Wake of Environmental Awareness, USA 1860s-1970s, Author: Gisela Parak
Title: Memoirs of Well-Being: Rewriting Discourses of Illness and Disability, Author: Tanja Reiffenrath
Title: Zeitschrift F�r Interkulturelle Germanistik (Journal of Intercultural German Studies): Vol. 7, Issue 2/2016: Transitr�ume, Author: Dieter Heimbockel
Title: Performing Authorship: Strategies of
Title: British White Trash: Figurations of Tainted Whiteness in the Novels of Irvine Welsh, Niall Griffiths, and John King, Author: Mark Schmitt
Title: Recounting Deviance: Forms and Practices of Presenting Divergent Behaviour in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period, Author: Jorg Rogge
Title: Reclaiming Participation: Technology - Mediation - Collectivity, Author: Anne Ganzert
Title: Screening Nostalgia: 100 Years of German Heimat Film, Author: Alexandra Ludewig
Title: Multipluritrans in Educational Ethnography: Approaching the Multimodality, Plurality and Translocality of Educational Realities, Author: Claudia Seele
Title: Toward Diversity and Emancipation: (re-)Narrating Space in the Contemporary American Novel, Author: Marcel Thoene
Title: Imagining Ageing: Representations of Age and Ageing in Anglophone Literatures, Author: Carmen Concilio
Title: Paradoxes of Interactivity: Perspectives for Media Theory, Human-Computer Interaction, and Artistic Investigations, Author: Uwe Seifert
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Title: Digital Culture & Society (DCS) Vol. 3, Issue 2/2017: Mobile Digital Practices, Author: Annika Richterich
Title: Courting Dissolution: Adumbration, Alterity, and the Dislocation of Sacrifice from Space to Image, Author: Michael Lent

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