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Title: Hard Limits (Hot Alpha Billionaire, #4), Author: Marilyn Lakewood
Title: Soft Wear, Author: Marilyn Lakewood
Title: Destination Passion (The Beach Reads Romance series, #2), Author: Toya Richardson
Title: Destination Love, Author: Toya Richardson
Title: Hers To Command, Author: Patricia A. Knight
Title: Snow Blood: Season 1: Episodes 1 - 6, Author: Carol McKibben
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Title: Lovely, Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
Title: Snow Blood: Season 2: A Vampire Mystery Thriller, Author: Carol McKibben
Title: Jason, Author: Kris Michaels
Title: Perfect, Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
Title: The Grizzly's Tale, Author: Nara Malone
Title: Kane: The First Blood Son, Author: Carol McKibben
Title: Jasmine, Author: Kris Michaels
Title: Lucky, Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
Title: Escape to Vampire Dam, Author: S.N. McKibben
Title: Moon Blood 3, Author: Carol McKibben
Title: A Destitute Duke, Author: Patricia A. Knight
Title: The White House Gets A Spanking, Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
Title: 74 Life Skills for a Happy, Successful Life, Author: John J. Daly Jr.
Title: Surrender to More, Author: Rachel De Lune

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