Title: Legs And The Two-Ton Dick, Author: Melinda Bailey
Title: Stories My Gay Uncle Told Me: Truth Serum Vol. 3, Author: Truth Serum Press
Title: Verdant Truth Serum Vol. 5, Author: Truth Serum
Title: Track Tales, Author: Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Title: Luck and Other Truths, Author: Richard Mark Glover
Title: How to Catch Flathead, Author: Peter Michal
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Title: Based On True Stories, Author: Matt Potter
Title: Cheat Sheets: 108 Stories of Infidelity, Author: Edward O'Dwyer
Title: Decennia, Author: Jan Chronister
Title: Square Pegs: Eclectica, Author: Rob Walker
Title: Minotaur and Other Stories, Author: Salvatore Difalco
Title: The Miracle of Small Things, Author: Guilie Castillo-Oriard
Title: Wiser Truth Serum Vol. 2, Author: Truth Serum Press
Title: Indigomania Truth Serum Vol. 4, Author: Matt Potter
Title: Rain Check, Author: Levi Andrew Noe
Title: Dollhouse Masquerade, Author: Samuel E. Cole
Title: Glow Truth Serum Vol. 6, Author: Truth Serum Press
Title: La Ronde, Author: Townsend Walker
Title: Deer Michigan, Author: Jack C. Buck
Title: The Book of Acrostics, Author: John Lambremont

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