Title: The Sheriff and the Cowgirl, Author: Debra Holt Pre-Order Now
Title: The Accidental Fiance, Author: Christi Barth
Title: The Bronc Rider Takes a Fall, Author: Debra Holt
Title: Sweet Texas Charm, Author: Robyn Neeley
Title: Sweet Texas Fire, Author: Nicole Flockton
Title: The Rancher Risks It All, Author: Debra Holt
Title: Capturing the Texas Rancher's Heart, Author: Debra Holt
Title: Sweet Texas Kiss, Author: Monica Tillery
Title: Cowboy Up, Author: Michelle Beattie
Title: Counting on the Cowboy, Author: Karen Foley
Title: Coming Home to the Cowboy, Author: Megan Ryder
Title: Montana Blueprint for Love, Author: Debra Salonen
Title: What Happens in the Highlands, Author: Kelsey McKnight
Title: Shot in the Dark, Author: Tracy Solheim
Title: One Hot Texas Summer, Author: Nicole Flockton
Title: Romancing the Laird, Author: Gerri Russell
Title: On the Market, Author: Audrey Wick
Title: The Cowboy's Daughter, Author: Jamie K. Schmidt
Title: A Son for the Texas Cowboy, Author: Sinclair Jayne
Title: The Rancher's Proposal, Author: Paula Altenburg

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