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Title: Mrs Saville, Author: Ted Morrissey
Title: Cheap Amusements: A Hayden Fuller Mystery (Book Club Edition), Author: Grant Tracey
Title: A Fourth Face: A Hayden Fuller Mystery, Author: Grant Tracey
Title: Starfish, Author: Pauline Uchmanowicz
Title: City of Broad Shoulders, Author: E.S. Holland
Title: The Waxen Poor, Author: J.D. Schraffenberger
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Title: The Endless Unbegun, Author: Rachel Jamison Webster
Title: Figures in Blue, Author: Ted Morrissey
Title: Final Stanzas, Author: Grant Tracey
Title: Men of Winter, Author: Ted Morrissey
Title: An Untimely Frost, Author: Ted Morrissey
Title: Cheap Amusements, Author: Grant Tracey
Title: Weeping with an Ancient God, Author: Ted Morrissey
Title: The Necessary Poetics of Atheism: Essays and Poems, Author: Martín Espada
Title: The Madman's Rhyme, Author: Theo Landsverk
Title: Travis Finds the Truth, Author: Melissa Morrissey
Title: The Curvatures of Hurt, Author: Ted Morrissey
Title: Little Mocos, Author: John Paul Jaramillo
Title: Men of Winter, Author: Ted Morrissey
Title: Dean Dean Dean Dean, Author: Jim O'Loughlin

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