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Title: WHEN I WAS ALIVE, Author: C Cimmone
Title: Red Moon District, Author: Cetywa Powell
Title: Lavinia Moves to New York, Author: Christine Stoddard
Title: Petroleum Transfer Engineer, Author: Richard Klin
Title: Iceberg Relief, Author: Daniel Wade
Title: Van Gogh or The Dawn of It All, Author: David Marcin
Title: The Cut Worm, Author: Mitch James
Title: My Tired Shadow, Author: Joseph Hirsch
Title: Scarred Canvas, Author: R. C. Edrington
Title: Miraculous Fauna, Author: Timmy Reed
Title: Hotel Oblivion, Author: Cetywa Powell
Title: Super Sport, Author: Ralph Bland
Title: Faulkner & Friends, Author: Vicki Salloum
Title: The Good Dead, Author: Al Sim
Title: Liquidating Perry, Author: Zachary Amendt
Title: The Demon who Peddled Longing, Author: Khanh Ha
Title: West, Author: Whitney Poole
Title: 15, Author: J. S. Kierland
Title: The Beginning Things, Author: Bunny Goodjohn
Title: The Collector of Tears, Author: Michael C. Keith

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