Title: Might is Right: The Authoritative Edition, Author: Ragnar Redbeard
Title: Might is Right: 1927 Facsimile Edition, Author: Ragnar Redbeard
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Title: The Satanic Scriptures, Author: Peggy Nadramia
Title: The Occult Technology of Power: The Initiation of the Son of a Finance Capitalist into the Arcane Secrets of Economic and Political Power, Author: The Transcriber
Title: Outbursts of Everett True, Author: J. w. Raper
Title: Max Stirner Versus Karl Marx: Individuality and the Social Organism, Author: Philip Breed Dematteis
Title: Infernalia: The Writings of Michael Rose, Author: Michael Rose
Title: Confessions of a Failed Egoist: and Other Essays, Author: Trevor Blake
Title: Rival Caesars: A Romance of Ambition, Love, and War, Author: Ragnar Redbeard
Title: With Claw and Fang: A Fact Story in a Chicago Setting, Author: Bernie Babcock
Title: Fulminations: Caustic, Capricious & Cosmic, Author: Benjamin DeCasseres
Title: The Truth About Tristrem Varick & Mr. Incoul's Misadventure: Two Novels, Author: Edgar Saltus
Title: Anathema!: Litanies of Negation, Author: Kevin I. Slaughter
Title: Lucifer's Lexicon: The Portable L.A. Rollins, Author: L. A. Rollins
Title: Fantasia Impromptu: & Finis, Author: Benjamin DeCasseres
Title: Las Escrituras Satanicas, Author: Peggy Nadramia
Title: Protagoras. Nietzsche. Stirner.: Expositors of Egoism, Author: Benedict Lachmann
Title: Ladies In The Parlor, Author: Jim Tully
Title: The Philosophical Writings of Edgar Saltus: The Philosophy of Disenchantment & The Anatomy of Negation, Author: Edgar Saltus
Title: The Gospel According to Malfew Seklew: and Other Writings By and About Sirfessor Wilkesbarre, Author: Trevor Blake

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