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Title: Proteins in Normal and Pathological Urine, Author: Yves Manuel
Title: From Syllable to Conversation, Author: Harris Winitz
Title: Neurochemistry and Biochemistry of Pharmacology, Author: Tipton
Title: Teaching Adolescents Life Skills: Strategies for the Human Services, Author: Schinke
Title: Interpretation of Spectra and Atmospheric Structure in Cool Stars, Author: Yoshio Fujita
Title: Foundations of the Vocational Rehabilitation Process, Author: Rubin
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Title: Clinical Laboratory Computerization, Author: Arthur F. Krieg
Title: Intervention Strategies with High Risk Infants and Grandchildren, Author: Theodore D. Tjossem
Title: Practical Management of Meningomyelocele, Author: John M. Freeman
Title: Caring for Other People's Children: A Complete Guide to Family Day Care, Author: Frances Kemper Alston
Title: Geriatric Care in Advanced Societies, Author: J. C. Brocklehurst
Title: Photographic Anatomy of the Human Body, Author: C. Yokochi
Title: Ultrasound Mammography, Author: A. Patricia Harper
Title: Traumatic Injury: Infection and Other Immunologic Sequelae, Author: John L. Ninnemann
Title: Physical Activity and Aging, Author: Brunner
Title: Acoustic Tumors: Diagnosis and Management, Author: House
Title: Advances in Biophysics, Author: Masao Kotani
Title: Auditory Competence in Early Life: The Roots of Communicative Behavior, Author: R. B. Eisenberg
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Title: Drugs and Transport Processes, Author: B. Callingham
Title: Drug Action and Drug Resistance in Bacteria: Macrolide Antibiotics and Lincomycin, Author: S. Mitsuhashi

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