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Title: A Choice of Diet: Response to Climatic Change, Author: John E. Dallman
Title: Woodland Cultures on the Western Prairies: The Rainbow Site Investigations, Author: David W. Benn
Title: Agricultural Origins and Development in the Midcontinent, Author: William Green
Title: Catalog of Sculptures and Drawings, Author: Tom Aprile
Title: Rudolf Koppitz, 1884-1936, Author: Jo-Anne Conklin
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Title: A History of Wrestling in Iowa : From Gotch to Gable, Author: Mike Chapman
June 16th
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Title: Mill Creek Ceramics: The Complex from the Brewster Site, Author: Duane Anderson
Title: Iowa Projectile Points, Author: Toby Morrow
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Title: Monumentality in Miniature: African Sculpture, Author: Victoria Rovine
Title: Alan and Ann January Collection of American Prints and Drawings, Author: Kathleen Edwards
Title: William Anthony: Fine Binder, Author: Lawrence Yerkes
Title: Principles of Voice Production, Author: Ingo R. Titze
Title: Bison Hunters of the Western Prairies: Excavations at the Dixon Site (13wd8), Woodbury County, Iowa, Author: Richard L. Fishel
Title: Birds in Iowa, Author: Thomas H. Kent
Title: Hans Albert Einstein: Reminiscences of His Life and Our Life Together, Author: Elizabeth Roboz Einstein
Title: Leader and Pariah: Annie Savery and the Campaign for Women's Rights in Iowa, 1868-1891, Author: Louise Rosenfield Noun
Title: Whitman Making Books / Books Making Whitman: A Catalog and Commentary, Author: Ed Folsom
Title: The Central Plains Tradition: Internal Development and External Relationships, Author: Donald J. Blakeslee
Title: On Iowa, Author: Irving Weber
Title: University of Iowa School of Art and Art History Faculty, 2001, Author: Dorothy Johnson

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