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Title: Archaeology and Ancient Religion in the American Midcontinent, Author: Brad H. Koldehoff
Title: Feeding Cahokia: Early Agriculture in the North American Heartland, Author: Gayle J. Fritz
Title: Alabama: The History of a Deep South State, Bicentennial Edition, Author: William Warren Rogers
Title: Engines of Rebellion: Confederate Ironclads and Steam Engineering in the American Civil War, Author: Saxon Bisbee
Title: Civil War Alabama, Author: Christopher Lyle McIlwain
Title: Center Places and Cherokee Towns: Archaeological Perspectives on Native American Architecture and Landscape in the Southern Appalachians, Author: Christopher B. Rodning
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Title: Baking, Bourbon, and Black Drink: Foodways Archaeology in the American Southeast, Author: Tanya M. Peres Lemons
Title: The De Soto Chronicles: The Expedition of Hernando de Soto to North America In, 1539-1543 / Edition 2, Author: Lawrence A. Clayton
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Title: Engineering Security: The Corps of Engineers and Third System Defense Policy, 1815-1861, Author: Mark A. Smith
Title: The Ritual Landscape of Late Precontact Eastern Oklahoma: Archaeology from the WPA Era until Today, Author: Amanda L. Regnier Pre-Order Now
Title: The Battle over Peleliu: Islander, Japanese, and American Memories of War, Author: Stephen C. Murray
Title: Among the Garifuna: Family Tales and Ethnography from the Caribbean Coast, Author: Marilyn McKillop Wells Ph.D.
Title: Split-Gut Song: Jean Toomer and the Poetics of Modernity, Author: Karen Jackson Ford
Title: Dissonance (If You Are Interested), Author: Rosmarie Waldrop
Title: Pragmatic Theory of Fallacy, Author: Douglas N. Walton
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Title: An Uncompromising Secessionist: The Civil War of George Knox Miller, Eighth (Wade's) Confederate Cavalry, Author: George Knox Miller
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Title: Archaeological Researches at Teotihuacan, Mexico, Author: Sigvald Linne
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Title: Tender Is the Night and F. Scott Fitzgerald's Sentimental Identities, Author: Christian K. Messenger
Title: Chiricahua Apache Enduring Power: Naiche's Puberty Ceremony Paintings, Author: Trudy Griffin-Pierce
Title: The Old French Crusade Cycle: Chanson D'Antioche, Author: Jan A. Nelson
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