Title: Jim Crow Sociology: The Black and Southern Roots of American Sociology, Author: Earl Wright II Ph.D
Title: Warnings From the Future: Stories, Author: Ethan Chatagnier
Title: This Fierce Blood: A Novel, Author: Malia Márquez
Title: The Speaking Stone: Stories Cemeteries Tell, Author: Michael Griffith
Title: Dear Queer Self: An Experiment in Memoir, Author: Jonathan Alexander
Title: Surveying in Early America: The Point of Beginning, An Illustrated History, Author: Dan Patterson
Title: Bicycling Through Paradise: Historical Rides Around Cincinnati, Author: Kathleen Smythe
Title: HoodWitch, Author: Faylita Hicks
Title: Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Strategies for Teaching, Author: Rita Kumar
Title: Culture as Judicial Evidence: Expert Testimony in Latin America, Author: Leila Rodriguez
Title: Synonyms for Silence, Author: A. Molotkov
Title: Working Together for Change: Collaborative Change Researchers, Evaluators, and Designers, Volume 5, Author: Lisa M. Vaughn Pre-Order Now
Title: Leaving a Legacy: Lessons from the Writings of Daniel Drake, Author: Philip Diller MD-PhD
Title: From the Temple of Zeus to the Hyperloop: University of Cincinnati Stories, Author: Greg L. Hand
Title: Community-Engaged Research for Resilience and Health, Volume 4, Author: Kelli E. Canada Pre-Order Now
Title: Community-Academic Partnerships for Early Childhood Health, Author: Farrah Jacquez
Title: Duty To Warn: A Novel, Author: Sara Kersting
Title: The Strange and True Tale of Horace Wells, Surgeon Dentist: A Novel, Author: Michael Downs
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Title: Grace for Grace: Stories, Author: Steve De Jarnatt
Title: Here Is a Game We Could Play: A Novel, Author: Jenny Bitner

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