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Title: Sexuality and Authority in the Catholic Church, Author: Monica Migliorino Miller
Title: Pennsylvania Seasons: Commonwealth Images and Poetry, Author: Esther B. Davidowitz
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Title: Sacred Cosmos: Theological, Philosophical, and Scientific Conversations in the Twelfth Century School of Chartres, Author: Peter Ellard
Title: Letters of Teilhard de Chardin and Lucile Swan, Author: Mary Gilbert
Title: What Brings a Marriage into Existence?: An Historical Re-examination of the Canon Law of the Latin Church, Author: Brendan Killeen
Title: Penitents' Treasury: Indulgences in Latin Christendom, 1175-1375, Author: Robert W. Shaffern
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Title: Hard Coal and Coal Cars: Hauling Anthracite on the New York, Ontario, and Western Railway, Author: Martin Robert Karig
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Title: Aelred of Rievaulx's Spiritual Friendship, Author: Mark F. Williams
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Title: From Siberia to America: A Story of Survival and Success, Author: Boruch B. Frusztajer
Title: To See Great Wonders: A History of Xavier University, 1831-2006, Author: Roger A. Fortin
Title: NT Greek: A Systems Approach, Author: John Clabeaux
Title: Nazi-Looted Jewish Archives in Moscow: A Guide to Jewish Historical and Cultural Collections in the Russian State Military Archive, Author: David E. Fishman
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Title: Embracing Change: Postmodern Interpretations on the I Ching from a Christian Perspective, Author: Jung Young Lee
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Title: Personal Faith and Institutional Commitments: Roman Catholic Modernist and Anti-Modernist Autobiography, Author: Lawrence Barman
Title: Educating Darfur Refugees: A Jesuit's Efforts in Chad, Author: Patrick Samway
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Title: Art of Stained Glass, Author: Lynn M. Homan
Title: Nonprofit Governance: The Why, What, and How of Nonprofit Boardship, Author: John Tropman
Title: Wales in America: Scranton and the Welsh, 1860-1920, Author: William D. Jones
Title: Kazakhstan's New Economy: Post-Soviet, Central Asian Industries in a Global Era, Author: Jay Nathan
Title: Creating a Human World, Author: Ernest Daniel Carrere

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