Title: Rook, Author: Stephen  G Eoannou
Title: WOMENSCAPE: Selected Stories of Eclectic Women, Author: Susan Helene
Title: To Daughter a Devil, Author: Megan Mary Moore
Title: The Runestone's Promise, Author: Mari Matthias
Title: When Fire Splits the Sky, Author: Tyler James Russell
Title: The Year of the Monster, Author: Tara Stillions Whitehead
Title: The Guide to Being a Dictator's Mistress, Author: Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino
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Title: Fruitcake, Author: Lisa Badner
Title: James and the Super Gigantic, Very Important Ocean Adventure to Save His Friends, Author: Savannah Stewart
Title: Lost and Found in the 60s, Author: Paul Justison
Title: She Was Horrid, Author: Morgan Waites
Title: Letting the House Go, Author: Robert Crooke
Title: Black Wool Cape, Author: Alison Carb Sussman
Title: The Paper Boy & The Winter War, Author: R.E. Hengsterman
Title: A Walking Shadow, Author: Gary Bolick
Title: Kissing the World Goodbye, Author: Jennifer Clark
Title: Stumbling Toward Grace, Author: Rosalia Scalia
Title: The Best Poetry Exercises from Grad School (No MFA Tuition Necessary), Author: S.R. Stewart
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Title: Forms of Defiance, Author: Cynthia Sample
Title: Gathering Broken Light, Author: Heather Lang Cassera

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