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Title: Der Bronzehändler, Author: Hanns Kneifel
Title: Falk Sonderband 1, Author: Achim Mehnert
Title: Nick 9: Landeverbot, Author: Achim Mehnert
Title: Strikeforce Orion 1.3 - Das Orion-Projekt: Roter Staub, Author: Marc Thomas
Title: Deinoid 6: Silla, Author: Lucy Guth
Title: C.T.O. Counter Terror Operations 5: Böse Geister, Author: Ben Ryker
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Title: Strikeforce Orion Staffel 1 - Das Orion-Projekt, Author: Marc Thomas Pre-Order Now
Title: Rheinland-Krimi 4: Auge um Auge, Author: Caroline Martin Pre-Order Now
Title: Cade Chandra 3: Jäger der goldenen Götter, Author: Hanns Kneifel
Title: Falk 7: Ohne Gnade, Author: Achim Mehnert
Title: Cade Chandra 5: Jäger des Mysteriums, Author: Hanns Kneifel
Title: Tibor 2: Ein Drittel fehlt, Author: Achim Mehnert
Title: Deinoid 2: Die Argos-Mission, Author: Ben Ryker
Title: Sigurd 1: Der ritterliche Held, Author: Achim Mehnert
Title: Hull's Dämonen 1.3 - Geister der Vergangenheit, Author: Noah Finsbury Pre-Order Now
Title: Die Spur des Widders, Author: Hanns Kneifel
Title: Strikeforce Orion 1.4 - Das Orion-Projekt: Todeszone, Author: Marc Thomas
Title: Lichter des Grauens, Author: Hanns Kneifel
Title: C.T.O. Counter Terror Operations 2: Operation Melange, Author: Ben Ryker
Title: Falk 2: Überlistet!, Author: Achim Mehnert

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