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Title: Random Destiny: How the Vietnam War Draft Lottery Shaped a Generation, Author: Wesley Abney
Title: Bioethics in Africa: Theories and Praxis, Author: Yaw A. Frimpong-Mansoh
Title: A Postcard View of Hell: One Doughboy's Souvenir Album of the First World War, Author: Frank Jacob
Title: Impact of Reason on Faith, Ethics and Belief, Author: Geran F Dodson
Title: Directing the Narrative and Shot Design: The Art and Craft of Directing (Hardback, B&W), Author: Lubomir Kocka
Title: How Sex Got Screwed Up: The Ghosts that Haunt Our Sexual Pleasure - Book One: From the Stone Age to the Enlightenment, Author: Jon Knowles
Title: Does Happiness Write Blank Pages? On Stoicism and Artistic Creativity, Author: Piotr Stankiewicz
Title: Generational Poverty: An Economic Look at the Culture of the Poor, Author: Adam D Vass Gal
Title: Fixed or Flexible Exchange Rates? History and Perspectives, Author: Marin Muzhani
Title: Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models, Author: Jose Luis Torres Chacon
Title: Poetic Inquiry: Enchantment of Place, Author: Pauline Sameshima
Title: The Death Penalty from an African Perspective: Views from Zimbabwean and Nigerian Philosophers, Author: Fainos Mangena
Title: Beyond Realism: Seeking the Divine Other: A Study in Applied Metaphysics, Author: Simon Smith
Title: Frozen Justice: Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina's Failed Transitional Justice Strategy, Author: Jared O. Bell
Title: Value-based Marketing Strategy, Author: Santiago Lopez
Title: Supply Chain Optimization under Uncertainty, Author: Barrie Michael Cole
Title: The Confusion between Art and Design: Brain-tools versus Body-tools, Author: Tsion Avital
Title: Art Movements and the Discourse of Acknowledgements and Distinctions, Author: Themba Tsotsi
Title: Towards A New Social Order? Real Democracy, Sustainability & Peace, Author: Patrick Holz
Title: Nietzsche Trauma and Overcoming: The Psychology of the Psychologist, Author: Uri Wernik

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