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Title: Martial Musings: A Portrayal of Martial Arts in the 20th Century, Author: Robert W. Smith
Title: Mixed Martial Arts, Author: Michael DeMarco
Title: Wuxia America: The Timely Emergence of a Chinese American Hero, Author: Michael Demarco
Title: Martial Art Essays from Beijing, 1760, Author: Michael DeMarco
Title: Intrinsic Values of the Japanese Sword, Author: Andrew Tharp
Title: Conditioning for Martial Art Practice: Nutrition, Exercise, Energy, Strength, Flexibility, Author: Allen Pittman
Title: Draeger: Pioneering Leader in Asian Martial Traditions, Author: Robert W. Smith
Title: Chinese Swords: An Ancient Tradition and Modern Training, Author: Richard Pegg
Title: Mundunur: A Mountain Village Under the Spell of South Italy, Author: Michele Antonio Di Marco
Title: Bagua and Xingyi: An Intersection of the Straight and Curved, Author: Allen Pittman
Title: Chinese Combatives: An Anthology, Author: Michael Demarco
Title: Taekyon: The Korean Martial Art, Author: Stanley Henning
Title: Okinawan Martial Traditions, Vol. 2.2: Te, Tode, Karate, Karatedo, Kobudo, Author: Mario McKenna
Title: Karate Kata for the Transmission of High-Level Combative Skills Vol. 1, Author: Michael DeMarco
Title: Martial & Healing Traditions of India, Author: Michael Demarco
Title: Tai Chi Odyssey: History and Practice Methods, Vol. 2, Author: Peter Lim
Title: Academic Approaches to Martial Arts Research, Vol. 2, Author: Michael DeMarco
Title: Wing Chun: Writings for Advanced Practitioners, Author: Joyotpaul Chaudhuri
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Title: Grappling & Throwing From the Near and Far East, Author: Michael DeMarco
Title: The Sword in Japanese Martial Traditions, Vol. 2, Author: Nicklaus Suino

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