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Title: The X-tails Dirt Bike at Badlands, Author: L.A. Fielding
Title: Recorder Karate, Author: Anna Shammas
Title: The X-tails in a Merry Monster Trucking Christmas, Author: L.A. Fielding
Title: Coby Our Furry Friend, Author: Linda M. Vero
Title: The Monsterrific Music Fest, Author: Michelle Darville Anaya
Title: The X-tails Snowboard at Shred Park, Author: L.A. Fielding
Title: The X-tails Skateboard at Monster Ramp, Author: L.A. Fielding
Title: Its Wild and Wacky if your a McCracky, Author: Paula Ridenour
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Title: The X-tails BMX at Thunder Track, Author: L.A. Fielding
Title: God Has a Purpose for Me, Author: Laronda Koffi
Title: Farmer Phil's Permaculture, Author: Phil Williams
Title: The X-Tails Ski at Spider Ridge, Author: L.A. Fielding
Title: Counselor Dynamite Befuddles the Bullyville Crew, Author: Starr Burgess
Title: Ms. Irene Is So Demanding, Author: Marie Barret
Title: The Potato Pie Pirate, Author: M.L. Purtle
Title: The Year Santa Wore Green, Author: Diane McCarthy
Title: Bouncy The Smart Ball, Author: Demetrius Bradshaw
Title: The X-tails Surf at Shark Bay, Author: L.A. Fielding
Title: Rise Of The Superhelden, Author: Evelyn Ong
Title: My Beautiful Mommy, Author: Michael Salzhauer

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