Title: The Earl's Lady Geologist, Author: Alissa Baxter
Title: For the Love of Dogs, Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
Title: Where You Lead, Author: Wahl Leslea
Title: The Copper Series, Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
Title: Pockets of Promise, Author: Laurie Stroup Smith
Title: Angelhood, Author: A.J. Cattapan
Title: 7 Riddles to Nowhere, Author: A.J. Cattapan
Title: Mixed Nuts, Author: Venita Louise
Title: Signs in the Dark, Author: Susan Miura
Title: Plain Truth, Author: Susan Simpson
Title: Plain Discovery, Author: Susan Lantz Simpson
Title: Copper Fire, Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
Title: The Test of Gold, Author: Renee Yancy
Title: Dancing to an Irish Reel, Author: Claire Fullerton
Title: Copper Star, Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
Title: Shards of Light, Author: Susan Miura
Title: Playing by Heart, Author: Carmela Martino
Title: Miracle Girl, Author: Jennifer DiGiovanni
Title: More Highlanders, Author: Lori Leigh
Title: Forlorn, Author: Gina Detwiler

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