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Title: Games To Play After Dark, Author: Sarah Gardner Borden
Title: How to Write a Novel, Author: Melanie Sumner
Title: Undiscovered Gyrl, Author: Allison Burnett
Title: The Second Death of Unica Aveyano, Author: Ernesto Mestre-Reed
Title: Beginners, Author: Raymond Carver
Title: The Buzzing, Author: Jim Knipfel
Title: Vintage Munro: Nobel Prize Edition, Author: Alice Munro
Title: Love and Hydrogen: New and Selected Stories, Author: Jim Shepard
Title: The Curfew, Author: Jesse Ball
Title: Taipei, Author: Tao Lin
Title: Parade, Author: Shuichi Yoshida
Title: Paprika, Author: Yasutaka Tsutsui
Title: Slapboxing with Jesus, Author: Victor LaValle
Title: The Unfinished Novel and Other Stories, Author: Valerie Martin
Title: The Cranes Dance, Author: Meg Howrey
Title: Bodega Dreams: A Novel, Author: Ernesto Quinonez
Title: New American Stories, Author: Ben Marcus
Title: Machine Man, Author: Max Barry
Title: One Day, Author: David Nicholls
Title: The Whores on the Hill, Author: Colleen Curran

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