Title: Particles and Luck, Author: Louis B. Jones
Title: To Skin a Cat, Author: Thomas McGuane
Title: Providence, Author: Anita Brookner
Title: Keep the Change, Author: Thomas McGuane
Title: Mama Day, Author: Gloria Naylor
Title: Fraud, Author: Anita Brookner
Title: Bailey's Cafe, Author: Gloria Naylor
Title: Gorilla, My Love, Author: Toni Cade Bambara
Title: Secrets & Surprises, Author: Ann Beattie
Title: Short Cuts: Selected Stories, Author: Raymond Carver
Title: In My Father's House, Author: Ernest J. Gaines
Title: Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, Author: Sandra Cisneros
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Title: Traffic & Laughter, Author: Ted Mooney
Title: The Redneck Way of Knowledge: Down-Home Tales, Author: Blanche McCrary Boyd
Title: Kentucky Straight: Stories, Author: Chris Offutt
Title: Lewis Percy, Author: Anita Brookner
Title: The Sporting Club, Author: Thomas McGuane
Title: Falling in Place, Author: Ann Beattie
Title: The Five Gates of Hell, Author: Rupert Thomson
Title: Love Always, Author: Ann Beattie

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