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Title: Robert's Rules of Order, Author: Henry M. Robert
Title: Hand-Loom Weaving, A Manual for School and Home [Illustrated], Author: Mattie Phipps Todd
Title: Bacon's Rebellion, 1676, Author: Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker
Title: A Short History of France [Illustrated], Author: Mary Platt Parmele
Title: Report of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Opinions of the Judges thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott versus John F. A. Sandford. December Term, 1856., Author: Benjamin C. Howard
Title: Remarkable Rogues, Author: Charles Kingston
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Title: Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: A Collection of Passages, Phrases, and Proverbs Traced to Their Sources in Ancient and Modern Literature, Author: John Bartlett
Title: Chronicles of Border Warfare: Or, A History of the Settlement by the Whites, of North-Western Virginia, and of the Indian Wars and Massacres in that section of the State, Author: Alexander Scott Withers
Title: Aw-aw-tam Indian Nights, Being The Myths and Legends of the Pimas of Arizona, Author: Comalk-Hawk-Kih (Thin Buckskin)
Title: Walker's Appeal, In Four Articles, together with a Preamble, to the Colored Citizens of the World, but in Particular, and Very Expressly to Those of the United States of America. Written in Boston, in the State of Massachusetts, Sept. 28, 1829., Author: David Walker
Title: Principles of Geology or, The Modern Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants Considered as Illustrative of Geology (Ninth Edition) [Illustrated], Author: Charles Lyell
Title: Voyage of H.M.S. 'Pandora' Despatched to Arrest the Mutineers of the 'Bounty' in the South Seas, 1790-91 [Illustrated], Author: Edward Edwards
Title: American Slave Trade [Illustrated], Author: Jesse Torrey
Title: Four American Indians, King Philip, Tecumseh, Pontiac, and Osceola, Author: Edson L. Whitney
Title: Three FU-MANCHU Mysteries, Author: Sax Rohmer
Title: Laxdaela Saga, Author: Unknown
Title: The Covenanters of Damascus; A Hitherto Unknown Jewish Sect, Author: George Foot Moore
Title: The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, Author: Henry Lee
Title: The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Author: Kisari Mohan Ganguli
Title: Thirty Years a Slave from Bondage to Freedom. The Institution of Slavery as Seen on the Plantation and in the Home of the Planter. Autobiography of Louis Hughes., Author: Louis Hughes

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