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Title: Work Sharing: Issues, Policy Options and Prospects, Author: Fred Best
Title: Unemployment Insurance Fund Insolvency and Debt in Michigan, Author: Saul J. Blaustein
Title: Labor, Business, and Change in Germany and the United States, Author: Kirsten S. Wever
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Title: Bidding for Business: The Efficacy of Local Economic Development Incentives in a Metropolitan Area, Author: John E. Anderson
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Title: Employment and Training R&D: Lessons Learned and Future Directions, Author: R. Thayne Robson
Title: How New Is the
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Title: Carve-Outs in Workers' Compensation: An Analysis of the Experience in the California Construction Industry, Author: David I. Levine
Title: Ensuring Health and Income Security for an Aging Workforce, Author: Peter P. Burdetti
Title: Labor Law, Industrial Relations and Employee Choice: The State of the WorkPlace in the 1990's / Edition 1, Author: Richard N. Block
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Title: Permanent Job Loss and the U. S. System of Financing Unemployment Insurance, Author: Frank P. R. Brechling
Title: High School Career Academies: A Pathway to Educational Reform in Urban School Districts, Author: Nan L. Maxwell
Title: On-the-Job Training, Author: John M. Barron
Title: Economics of Aging, Author: Myron H. Ross
Title: Training That Works: Lessons from California's Employment Training Panel Program, Author: Daniel R. Blake
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Title: Imports, Exports, and Jobs: What Does Trade Mean for Employment and Job Loss?, Author: Lori G. Kletzer
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Title: Rural Dimensions of Welfare Reform: Welfare, Food Assistance, and Poverty in Rural America, Author: Bruce A. Weber
Title: Unemployment Experience of Individuals over a Decade: Variations by Sex, Race and Age, Author: Herbert S. Parnes
Title: Second Thoughts on Work, Author: Sar A. Levitan
Title: The Labor Market Experience of Workers with Disabilities: The ADA and Beyond, Author: Julie L. Hotchkiss
Title: Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality, Author: Dale Ballou

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