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Title: Chemistry Laboratory Student Notebook / Edition 2, Author: W.H. Freeman and Company
Title: Human Mosaic, Atlas of World Geography & Geography Quizzing Website Access Card, Author: Mona Domosh
Title: World Regional Geography Concepts (Loose Leaf), Atlas & Quizzing Website, Author: Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher
Title: What is Life? A Guide to Biology, BioPortal Access Card, PrepU NonMajors Access Card (6 Month), Go Guide, & Flyer / Edition 2, Author: Jay Phelan
Title: Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, EESEE Access Card, & Video Tool Kit Access Card for Introduction to Statistics / Edition 8, Author: David S. Moore
Title: Key Technologies for the 21st Century: Scientific American: A Special Issue, Author: W H Freeman and Company
Title: Life, Death and the Immune System, Author: W. H. Freeman and Company