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Title: The Chosen Ones, Author: Jaye Wells
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Title: Before the Storm, Author: R.G. Roberts
Title: What Women Do in Wartime: Gender and Conflict in Africa / Edition 1, Author: Meredeth Turshen
Title: Chicago War: The Complete Series (The Chicago War, #0), Author: Bethany-Kris
Title: The Destructive War: William Tecumseh Sherman, Stonewall Jackson, and the Americans, Author: Charles Royster
Title: Bound by Honor, Author: Asher North
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Title: ALL TIME BESTSELLER: BLACK BEAUTY [Over 50 Million Copies Sold] by ANNA SEWELL (Special Nook Edition) One of the Best Selling Books of All Time Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Bestseller Translated into 50 Languages NOOKBook Inspiration for War Horse, Author: Anna Sewell
Title: The Ring, Author: S. L. Carlson
Title: All for the Union: The Civil War Diary & Letters of Elisha Hunt Rhodes, Author: Elisha Hunt Rhodes
Title: Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography, Author: Jack Hurst
Title: In Darkness Lost: A Throne of War Prequel, Author: Ariel Paiement
Title: Vaempires: White Christmas, Author: Thomas  Winship
Title: War Orphan -- A Tomás Araya Story (War Bride Saga, #0), Author: Sal Mason
Title: American Heroes in Special Operations, Author: Oliver North
Title: Sheridan: The Life and Wars of General Phil Sheridan, Author: Roy Morris
Title: Vaempires: Zombie Rising, Author: Thomas  Winship
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Title: Genesis, Author: J.M. Madden
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Title: The Beckoning Darkness, Author: Nathan Preedy
Title: Child of Ascendants, Author: Will Greenway

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