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Title: Witnessing a Prophetic Text in the Making, Author: Noam Mizrahi
Title: Chasing the Bowhead, Author: Captain Hartson H. Bodfish
Title: The Harvard Brief Dictionary of Music, Author: Willi Apel
Title: The Entropy Law and the Economic Process, Author: Nicolas Georgescu-Roegen
Title: The New Empire of Diocletian and Constantine, Author: Timothy D. Barnes
Title: Four Views of Time in Ancient Philosophy, Author: John Francis Callahan
Title: Poems and a Defence of Ryme, Author: Samuel Daniel
Title: Egypt's Uncertain Revolution Under Nasser and Sadat, Author: Raymond William Baker
Title: A History of Negro Education in the South, Author: Henry Allen Bullock
Title: Pascal, Author: Robert J. Nelson
Title: Napoleon, England und die Presse (1800-1803), Author: Therese Ebbinghaus
Title: Coleridge and Christian Doctrine, Author: J. Robert Barth
Title: Studien und Mitteilungen zur Geschichte des Benediktinerordens und seiner Zweige Studien und Mitteilungen zur Geschichte des Benediktinerordens und seiner Zweige, Author: Bayerische Benediktinerakademie
Title: The Morality of Abortion, Author: John T. Jr. Noonan
Title: The Proletarian Dream, Author: Sabine Hake
Title: Die Mächte des Dreiverbandes, Author: Veit Valentin
Title: A Grammar of Aguaruna (Iini� Chicham), Author: Simon E. Overall
Title: Die R�ckwendung zum Mythos, Author: Gerbrand Dekker
Title: The Physical Conditions of the Elizabethan Public Playhouse, Author: William J. Lawrence
Title: Eignungsprüfungen für Rutengänger, Author: Karl Marbe

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