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Title: The Misconceiver: A Novel, Author: Lucy Ferriss
Title: The Beloved Republic, Author: Steven Harvey
Title: Tales of a Distance, Author: Andrew C. Gottlieb
Title: Dor, Author: Alina Stefanescu
Title: Going Feral: Field Notes on Wonder and Wanderlust, Author: Heather Durham
Title: For Love of Orcas: An Anthology, Author: Andrew Shattuck McBride
Title: In Praise of Inadequate Gifts, Author: Tarn Wilson
Title: Empire of Surrender, Author: Michael Schmeltzer
Title: Meditations for a New Century, Author: Lucy Ferriss
Title: Feeding Hour, Author: Jessica Gigot
Title: Passings, Author: Holly J. Hughes
Title: Fertile Ground, Author: Penn Stewart
Title: Vanish, Author: Kevin Miller
Title: House of Sound, Author: Matthew Daddona
Title: Gunner, Author: Gerry McFarland