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Title: Gustavus Adolphus; a history of the art of war from its revival after the middle ages to the end of the Spanish succession war, with a detailed account of the campaigns of the great Swede, and of the most famous campaign of Turenne, Condé, Eugene and Marl, Author: Theodore Ayrault Dodge
Title: The War-Ships and Navies of the World: Containing a Complete and Concise Description of the Construction, Motive Power, and Armaments of the Modern War-Ships of All the Navies of the World; Naval Artillery, Marine Engines, Boilers,torpedoes, and Torpedo-B, Author: James Wilson King
Title: The Lost Cause: A New Southern History of the War of the Confederates - War College Series, Author: Edward Alfred Pollard
Title: The War of Greek Independence, 1821 to 1833 - War College Series, Author: Elder and Co. Smith
Title: History 7th Field Artillery Battalion: World War II, Part 1 - War College Series, Author: Nelson W. Tobey
Title: The Downfall of Spain: Naval History of the Sapnish-American War - War College Series, Author: Herbert Wrigley Wilson
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Title: Shelby and his Men: or, The war in the West - War College Series, Author: John N. Edwards
Title: Guerrilla Warfare Tactics in Urban Environments, Author: Patrick D. Marques
Title: The Life And Adventures Of Christopher Hawkins,: A Prisoner On Board The
Title: Maneuver Warfare--Application to Naval Battle and Tactics - War College Series, Author: Centers for Disease Control and Preventi
Title: Letters Written During the Civil War, 1861-1865 - War College Series, Author: Charles Fessenden Morse
Title: Aleutian Campaign in World War II: A Strategic Perspective - War College Series, Author: John A. Polhamus
Title: McClellan's Own Story: The War for the Union, the Soldiers who Fought it, the Civilians who Directed it, and his Relations to it and to them - War College Series, Author: George B. McClellan
Title: The early Indian wars of Oregon: compiled from the Oregon archives and other original sources: with - War College Series, Author: Victor Frances Fuller
Title: United States Army in World War II Statistics: Lend-Lease - War College Series, Author: Chief of Military History
Title: Historical register of officers of the Continental army during the war of the Revolution, April, 1775, to December, 1783 - War College Series, Author: Francis B. 1838-1926 Heitman
Title: History of the Early Settlement and Indian Wars of Western Virginia; embracing an account of the various expeditions in the West, previous to 1795. Also, biographical sketches of Col. Ebenezer Zane, Major Samuel M'Collach. Illustrated. - War College Serie, Author: Wills De Hass
Title: The Fifteenth Ohio volunteers and its campaigns, war of 1861-5 - War College Series, Author: Alexis Cope
Title: History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-5, Volume 1 - War College Series, Author: Maryland. Commission On Publication Of T
Title: The story of Corfe castle, and of many who have lives there. Collected from ancient chronicles and records; also from the private memoirs of a family resident there in the time of the civil wars: which include various particulars of the court of Charles t, Author: George Bankes

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