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Title: Handbook of the Polish Army 1927, Author: The War Office
Title: Field Service Pocket Book 1914 (Reprinted, With Amendments, 1916.), Author: War Office August 1914 General Staff
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Title: ILLUSTRATED RECORD OF GERMAN ARMY EQUIPMENT 1939-1945VOLUME II ARTILLERY (In two parts) Volume Two, Author: War Office
Title: HANDBOOK OF ENEMY AMMUNITION: War Office Pamphlet No 15; German Ammunition Markings and Nomenclature, Author: War Office 24 May 1945
Title: Vocabulary of German Military Terms and Abbreviations: SS555, Author: War Office
Title: Instructions For Serjeant-Instructors Of Militia, Yeomanry, And Volunteers In Regard To The Care, Inspection &C Of Martini-Henry, Martini-Metford, And Martini-Enfield Arms 1896, Author: War Office
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Title: The Employment of Machine Guns Part 1: Tactical, Author: War Office
Title: Manual Of Field Engineering, 1911, Author: General Staff War Office
Title: Handbook of Russian Troops in Asia, 1890, Author: R.A War Office (Major J. Wolfe Murray
Title: Remount Manual, Author: War Office
Title: Standing Orders ... for the Royal Regiment of Artillery, Author: War Office
Title: 1815 List Of All The Officers Of The Army And Royal Marines On Full And Half-Pay With An Index., Author: 13th March 1815 War Office
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Title: The Training and Employment of Grenadiers, Author: War Office
Title: Recognition Handbook Of Typical Guided Missiles (1951), Author: War Office
Title: Regulations Relating To The Issue Of Army Allowances, Author: War office
Title: BATTLE OF THE AISNE 13TH-15TH SEPTEMBER 1914, TOUR OF THE BATTLEFIELD, Author: 31st December 1934 The War Office
Title: The Armed Strength of Spain, Author: War Office Intell . Div
Title: Home Guard List 1941: Scottish Command, Author: War Office
Title: Handbook Of Enemy Ammunition Pamphlet Number 4, Author: War Office 12th August 1942
Title: Manual of Field Range-finding, for Officers and Non-commissioned Officers of Horse and Field Artillery. 1890, Author: Great Britain. War Office

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