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Title: Alexander Leslie and the Scottish Generals of the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648, Author: Alexia Grosjean
Title: Arming the Royal Navy, 1793-1815: The Office of Ordnance and the State, Author: Gareth Cole
Title: War, Strategy and the Modern State, 1792-1914, Author: Carl Cavanagh Hodge
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Title: Military Manpower, Armies and Warfare in South Asia, Author: Kaushik Roy
Title: The Jacobite Campaigns: The British State at War, Author: Jonathan D Oates
Title: Orde Wingate and the British Army, 1922-1944, Author: Simon Anglim
Title: Militant Protestantism and British Identity, 1603-1642, Author: Jason White
Title: Military Economics, Culture and Logistics in the Burma Campaign, 1942-1945, Author: Graham Dunlop
Title: The 1641 Depositions and the Irish Rebellion, Author: Annaleigh Margey
Title: Citizen Soldiers and the British Empire, 1837-1902, Author: Ian F W Beckett