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Title: Now and at the Hour, Author: Bess Kercher
Title: Eat Meat Without Feet: 165 Healthy Pescatarian Meals Featuring Seafood and Vegetarian Proteins, Author: Carrie Shapley
Title: All I Left Unsaid: A Latina's Journey Toward Truth, Author: Rosy Crumpton
Title: The Warmer, Author: Patrick Robbins
Title: From the Fires Scattered There, Author: Kammeron Polverari
Title: The Shoestring Worm, Author: Diane Laird
Title: Return Home, Author: Susan  Amond Todd
Title: To Where You Are: Love, Loss, and Finding the Path Home, Author: Jason Fisher
Title: woulda. coulda. shoulda.: A divorce coach's guide to staying married, Author: Jennifer Hurvitz
Title: Bathtime Dance, Author: Candace Smith
Title: Midlife Priceless!: A Dating Coach's Guide to *Finally* Doing Relationships Right, Author: Jennifer Hurvitz
Title: Poster Girls, Author: Meredith Ritchie
Title: Higher Education: Chronicles of a Dumpster Fire, Author: Ashley Oliphant
Title: Friends with Issues, Author: Meredith Berlin
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Title: Scrooge and Cratchit Detectives: A Dickensian Christmas Mystery, Author: Curt Locklear
Title: Step Crazy, Author: Mary Anne Laporte
Title: Morning on the Farm, Author: Sabrina Ehlenberger
Title: A Needle in a Haystack: How to Find Love in the Rubble, Author: Jameliah Gooden
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Title: Never Enough Time, Author: Kimberly McMillan
Title: Never is Now, Author: Timothy L. Rodriguez

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