Title: Christmas Abiding: Stories of Blessings Bestowed, Author: James B. Macomson
Title: In Search of Jimmy Buffett: A Key West Revival, Author: Ashley Oliphant
Title: The Death of the Angry Black Woman, Author: Jameliah Young-Mitchell
Title: Christmas Renaissance, Author: James B. Macomson
Title: Eddie's Boy, Author: Robert Schwab
Title: The Adventures of Sid & Eli: The Shiny Thing in the Garden, Author: Allison Andrews
Title: Sole Food: Digestible Sneaker Culture, Author: Jemayne L King
Title: The Power of
Title: I Campaigned for Ice Cream: A Boy's Quest for Ice Cream Trucks, Author: Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw
Title: Scrooge and Cratchit Detectives: A Dickensian Christmas Mystery, Author: Curt Locklear
Title: The Beekeeper's Wife, Author: Lynne Hinton
Title: No Fish for Charles, Author: Tracy Detz
Title: Grandson of a Slave, Author: Samuel Carter
Title: 10 Things You Need To Know About Land: A How-To Guide About Lots and Vacant Land for Agents, Investors, and You!, Author: Cheryl L. Sain
Title: Chuckles and Smiles: Children's Poems, Author: Raven Howell
Title: Love, Judie Kate, Author: J.T. Allen
Title: Journey of the Self: Memoir of an artist, Author: Ruth Poniarski
Title: woulda. coulda. shoulda.: A divorce coach's guide to staying married, Author: Jennifer Hurvitz
Title: Penny the Shy Pony, Author: Kim Partin
Title: What if Dinosaurs were Pink?, Author: Jarrett Whitlow

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