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Title: Confidence in Christ: An Engineer's Examination of the Physical Evidence for Christ, Author: Mike Bradfield
Title: Hurricane of Love, Author: Dan Wheeler
Title: It's All About God's Love: A Retired Pastor Reflects on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Author: William T. Kremmell
Title: Jesus and OCD: A Christian Workbook for Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Author: Charles Thompson
Title: Prayers for Your Adult Children: A Thirty-Day Devotional, Author: Lisa Hodgins
Title: Prayer Pals 21-Day Challenge: For Women of Faith, Author: Kristin Overstreet
Your Summer Reading Destination!
Title: Almost Divorced: Marriage Is Hard Work . . . Duuuhhh, Author: Jackie Archie
Title: Two Hearts in the World War Ii: Understanding the Evil and Good, Author: Walter Juraszek
Title: Seven Minutes Late: A Story of the Titanic, Author: Phyllis A. Titus
Title: Birth Cry, Author: Shirley Roland Ferguson
Title: Praying with Passion: Grounded in Obedience, Author: Albert M. McCaig Jr
Title: Stress in Ministry: Causes and Cures, Author: Jr. Ernest Dixon Murrah
Title: The Spiritual Self-Assessment Interview, Author: John Wesley Knight III
Title: In the Closet of Prayer, Author: Mother Pauline Gentry
Title: Jesus Christ and His Revelation The Centerpiece of God's Universe: Commentary and Bible Study on the Book of Revelation, Author: Ronald A. Clower
Title: The Journey of Christopher, Author: Michael J. DiSalvo
Title: Let's Be Friends: What My Sister-Friends Taught Me About Faith, Food, and Fun, Author: Elizabeth Hoagland
Title: The Military Leader: Fundamental Insight for Developing Leaders, Author: Andrew Steadman
Title: Unbroken Cord: Israel and the Church, Author: D. H. Withers
Title: A Little About Life and a Lot of Wisdom from God, Author: Mary Cole

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