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Title: The Reindeer Keeper, Author: Barbara Briggs Ward
Title: Searching for Elock, Author: Carl Kegerreis
Title: Terror in Ypsilanti: John Norman Collins Unmasked, Author: Gregory A. Fournier
Title: The Enabler, Author: Angelyn Miller
Title: Practical Chess Exercises: 600 Lessons from Tactics to Strategy, Author: Ray Cheng
Title: The Candle Giver, Author: Barbara Briggs Ward
Title: Motivating The Middle, Author: T.J. Sullivan
Title: The Centennial: A Journey Through America's National Park System, Author: David Kroese
Title: The Snowman Maker, Author: Barbara Briggs Ward
Title: Frankly Speaking About Widowhood: Dealing with Loss and Loneliness, Author: Beth E. Wallace
Title: The ElderCare Ready Book, Author: Stuart Furman
Title: Someone To Talk To: What Really Happens in Therapy and How It Can Work for You, Author: Joyce Houser
Title: Farmer Able: A fable about servant leadership transforming organizations and people from the inside out, Author: Art Barter
Title: Where Have All the Sheep Gone?: Sheepherders and Ranchers in Arizona -- A Disappearing Industry, Author: Barbara G. Jaquay
Title: French Faux Amis: The Combined Book, Author: Saul H. Rosenthal
Title: On Your Own: Navigating the Road to Independence, Author: JoAnn Jumper
Title: The Coveted Black and Gold: A Daily Journey Through the U.S. Army Ranger School Experience, Author: J. D. Lock
Title: Mom, Dad ... Can We Talk? Insight and Perspectives to Help Us Do What's Best for Our Aging Parents, Author: Dick Edwards
Title: The Adventure: The Art of Earning One's Stripes, Author: Rod Shipley
Title: Lady of the Road, Author: Michael Sloan

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