Title: Lobisón: Lycanthrope - Lore of the Werewolf, Author: Joe
Title: Finally Reid: The Extraordinary Testimonies of an Ordinary Woman, Author: Marcia Reid
Title: Heroes in Blue Jeans, Author: Kevin A. Ewing
Title: A Virgin for Satan: The Witch's Prophecy, Author: John R. Saraceni
Title: Money Problems: a story collection, Author: Cameron Davis
Title: WALKERS: from the universe of THE WALKING DEAD Series - Episode 1 (from the author of Revolution Z), Author: GB Banks
Title: The Mountainside Incident, Author: Dan Lynch
Title: Detective Morris, Homicide, Author: Robert R. Railey
Title: Revolution Z, Author: GB Banks
Title: The Angellove Society: Crux, Author: Serban Andrei Mazilu
Title: Astral Projection & Sceptical Occultism, Author: Nick Dutch
Title: Box Cutter Killer, Author: Curt Wiser