Title: The Substitute Bride, Author: Margaret Blake
Title: A Mage In The Making, Author: Alastair Archibald
Title: Alaska Dutchman, Author: Sean E. Thomas
Title: Warrior And The Sparrow, Author: Crystal Inman
Title: No Worries, Author: Lauren N Sharman
1 in Series
Title: Come Back My Love, Author: Sylvia Rochester
Title: Back to Our Beginning, Author: C.L. Scholey
Title: Until Then, Author: Joshlyn Racherbaumer
Title: Skye Lakota, Author: Krista Janssen
1 in Series
Title: Aethereal Trilogy Megabook, Author: Chris Wilcox
Title: Skye Legacy, Author: Krista Janssen
2 in Series
Title: What He Wants, Author: C'ann Inman
Title: The Seneca Scourge, Author: Carrie Rubin
Title: Old Money, Author: David Walks-As-Bear
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Title: Witiku, Author: David Walks-As-Bear
Title: Aethereal Revealed, Author: Chris Wilcox
2 in Series
Title: Aethereal, Author: Christopher W. Wilcox Sr.
Title: Edwina's Husband, Author: Agnes Alexander
Title: Resolution, Author: Alastair Archibald
Title: More Than A Wife, Author: Catherine Stang

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