Title: Between the Floating Mist: Poems of Ryokan, Author: Ryokan
Title: Pretty Happy, Author: Peter Johnson
Title: You Are No Longer in Trouble, Author: Nicole Stellon O'Donnell
Title: Class Notes: A Young Teacher's Lessons from Classroom to Kennedy Compound, Author: Carolyn Wood
Title: Isla Negra, Author: Pablo Neruda
Title: Hsin-Hsin Ming, Author: Seng-ts'an
Title: The Snowy Road & Other Stories: An Anthology of Korean Fiction, Author: Hyun-jae Yee Salle
Title: Among the Flowering Reeds: Classic Korean Poems Written in Chinese, Author: Kim Jong-gil
Title: Borderland Roads: The Selected Poems of Ho Kyun, Author: Ho Kyun
Title: The Uncommon Speech of Paradise: Poems on the Art of Poetry, Author: Robert Hedin
Title: The Lion's Tail and Eyes: Poems Written Out of Laziness and Silence, Author: Robert Bly
Title: Blue If Only I Could Tell You, Author: Richard Tillinghast
Title: Looking for Dragon Smoke: Essays on Poetry, Author: Robert Bly
Title: Heaven My Blanket, Earth My Pillow: Poems from Sung Dynasty China by Yang Wan-Li, Author: Yang Wan-Li
Title: At the Threshold of Memory: Selected and New Poems, Author: Isabel Allende
Title: The Book of Mirrors, Author: Yun Wang
Title: Light From An Eclipse, Author: Nancy Lagomarsino
Title: Cures Include Travel, Author: Susan Rich
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Title: Faces Hidden in the Dust: Selected Ghazals of Ghalib, Author: Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib
Title: Returnings: Poems of Love and Distance, Author: Rafael Alberti

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