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Title: The Treasures That Prevail, Author: Jen Karetnick
Title: How They Spend Their Sundays, Author: Courtney McDermott
Title: You Can Fly: A Sequel to the Peter Pan Tales, Author: Chuck Rosenthal
Title: More Sonnets from the Portuguese, Author: Janet C.M. Eldred
Title: Off Somewhere, Author: Z. Z. Boone
Title: Lighting the World, Author: Merle Drown
Title: Of Covenants, Author: C. Kubasta
Title: The Things We Do for Women, Author: Seth Johnson
Title: Belle City, Author: Penny Mickelbury
Title: Momentary Mother, Author: Lisa De Niscia
Title: Imperfect Tense, Author: Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor
Title: Bread and Salt, Author: Valerie Miner
Title: My Valley Is Icky Too, Author: Lisa De Niscia
Title: Searching for a Pulse, Author: Nazifa Islam
Title: Ten Thousand Heavens, Author: Chuck Rosenthal
Title: To the Left of the Microwave, Author: Lisa De Niscia
Title: Mom's Dead, Author: Gerard Lafond