Title: Highlander's Challenge, Author: Jo Barrett
Title: Rogue's Challenge, Author: Jo Barrett
Title: The Claiming, Author: J.A. Nielsen
Title: Nobody's Lady, Author: Annabelle Anders
Title: Good Lookin': A Joe Turner Mystery, Author: T. L. Bequette
Title: Hometown, Author: Wendy Rich Stetson
Title: Mail Order Husband, Author: Lauri Robinson
Title: Olympic Enemies, Author: Rebecca J Caffery Pre-Order Now
Title: Bloodstains and Candy Canes, Author: Marla A. White
Title: Falling for You: Contemporary Romance Sampler, Author: Kay Harris Theresa Stillwagon
Title: A Lady's Prerogative, Author: Annabelle Anders
Title: Scotsman's Challenge, Author: Jo Barrett
Title: The Firstborn Son, Author: Kaia Misk
Title: Lady Saves the Duke, Author: Annabelle Anders
Title: Nothing to Commend Her, Author: Jo Barrett
Title: Playboy's Challenge, Author: Jo Barrett
Title: The Undertaker's Daughter, Author: M. Culler
Title: Now and Forever, Author: Angela Lam
Title: Dragons Walk Among Us, Author: Dan Rice
Title: Salvation Bride, Author: Anna Kathryn Lanier

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